Air Jets – Blowoff Nozzles

Air,Blowoff,Nozzles,JetsITW Vortec’s patented Air Jets – Blowoff Nozzles are all designed to substantially reduce compressed air consumption, compared to open jets. Using an air amplification principle, the design allows air to accelerate, entraining free surrounding air as it exits. The result is a powerful and precise airflow that consumes less compressed air and saves energy costs. Air,Blowoff,Nozzles,JetsAir Jets – Blowoff Nozzles Applications:
All Air Jets – Blowoff Nozzles are not the same. ITW Vortec’s Air Jets – Blowoff Nozzles amplify airflow volume up to 25 times more than the compressed air supplied. The result is less compressed air usage to deliver the same or greater thrust performance. Perfect for all types of blowoff, cooling and drying applications, these Air Jets – Blowoff Nozzles are available in a variety of low and high thrust models. Use them to meet OSHA compliance as they meet OSHA specifications for noise and dead-end pressure. Additionally, Vortec Air Jets – Blowoff Nozzles deliver a very precise airflow making them ideal for parts movement and ejection

ITW Vortec’s Energy Saving Air Jets – Blowoff Nozzles are used for:

  • Blowoff of chips, powders, dust, trim scrap
  • Cooling or drying parts and assemblies
  • Cleaning debris or stripping water and solvents
  • Parts ejection and movement
  • Replacing open copper tube jets
  • Replacing headers with drilled holes
  • Energy conservation programs
  • OSHA compliance

Patented Air Amplifying Design Reduces Compressed Air Consumption

Features & Benefits

  • Drastically reduces compressed air consumption
  • Provides a precise airflow
  • Range of styles and thrust performance
  • Quickly mount on machines, manifolds and blow guns
  • Nozzles mounted on flexible hose or copper tube
  • Adjustable and stainless steel models
  • Meet OSHA noise and dead-end pressure specs



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