Vortec Aluminum Air Knives from Pelmar Engineering Ltd.

Vortec Curtain Transvector® Aluminum Air Knives efficiently blowoff wide surfaces of debris as well as provide high speed drying or cooling for a broad range of industrial applications. Ionizing Curtain Transvectors® add a Static Neutralizing Bar to kill static cling and discharge dust and particles for blowoff.

Since Curtain Transvectors® Aluminum Air Knives are air amplifiers, they use a small amount of compressed air to deliver a powerful, high velocity, laminar sheet of air over wide areas such as moving webs, film, sheets, strips, auto bodies and other large assemblies and objects. Our Aluminum Air Knives patented design produces increased thrust and velocity, reduced noise, excellent uniformity, and significantly outperforms any competing, wide blowoff device.

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Air Knife – Aluminum Body
Air Knife Airflow Amplifiers use a small amount of filtered compressed air to produce a powerful, high velocity, uniform air flow.

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