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Air valves play an important role in maintaining safe and efficient pipeline systems by eliminating vacuums and venting air pockets that can restrict flow. They also serve to protect the system by allowing air movement in and out during operations such as startup, shutdown, and power failures. At Pelmar Engineering, we supply high-quality, durable air release valves for a wide range of industries, such as water supply, sewage and wastewater, agriculture and landscaping.

The team at Pelmar Engineering can help you select the right air valves for your application. Air valve sizes range from just 3/4” to 12”, and pressures up to 64 bar (928 psi). Available materials are plastic (nylon, polypropylene), epoxy coated cast iron and ductile iron, and stainless steel.

Pelmar Engineering provides customers with a range of thoroughly tested, low-maintenance air valve products, including:

For further information on any of our air valve products, please contact Pelmar Engineering at 1-888-754-6329, or request a quote using our online inquiry form.

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