Amiad AMF Series

AMF Series


The AMF Series from Amiad is a self-cleaning water filter with a microfiber filter elements for filtration as fine as 2 micron, which is equal to the performance of a cartridge filtration without the need to replace cartridges. Flow range is up to 320m3/h (1,410 US gpm), and filtration range is 2-20 micron.


Amiad’s AMF² product-line consists of the following models:

  • AMF² – 36K for up to 132 US gpm 132 US gpm (30 m³/h)
  • AMF² – 93K for up to 220 US gpm (50 m³/h)
  • AMF² – 370K for up to 1410 US gpm (320 m³/h)



  • TSS, NTU & SDI reduction for potable and wastewater applications
  • Effective removal of Cryptosporidium & Giardia Cysts
  • Cartridge performance without cartridge replacement
  • Outperforms traditional sand media systems
  • Pre-filtration for R.O. desalination and other sub-micron systems
  • Provides complete water treatment and filtration solutions for municipalities
  • Environmentally friendly — no chemical treatment required


pdf  AMF Series Brochure

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