Amiad Filters – Screen Filters

Innovative automatic self-cleaning filter. Lightweight and durable with maximum installation flexibility.


• Reliable and durable
• Amiad’s unique suction-scanner cleaning technology
• Modular design with various installation configurations
• Polymeric filter – corrosion free
• Low water and energy consumption
• Compact design and small footprint
• Easy installation and low maintenance
• Ideal for many landscape and agricultural irrigation applications
• Amiad’s innovative and user friendly ADI-P electronic controller, operated by a mobile app for advanced monitoring capabilities

Durable high quality Amiad Plastic Filters for wide range of filtration applications


• Interchangeable filter elements for a wide range of flow rates, with multiple filtration degrees
• Excellent mechanical strength, corrosion resistant for chemical compatibility
• Low pressure loss
• Easy to install and maintain, no tools required for rinsing
• Available with exclusive features for semi-automatic cleaning
• Suitable for a wide range of applications for the irrigation, municipal and industrial markets

Multi-screen, polymeric, self-cleaning filter combining Amiad’s suction-scanning technology with an innovative compact design.


• Increased reliability and durability
• Proprietary suction-scanning technology
• Large filtration area
• Polymeric housing – corrosion and fertilizer resistant
• Low water and energy consumption
• Compact design and small footprint
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Ideal for open-field irrigation, landscaping, greenhouse and aquaculture applications
• AC/DC electronic controller (optional)

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