ARI DC-500 Backflow Preventer Double Check Valve


ARI DC-500 Backflow Preventer Double Check Valve designed to provide the best protection and durability againstback flow caused by negative or opposite pressure. Back flowmay cause in filtration of chemicals, fertilizers and/or other pollutants into drinking water systems.

The DC-500 is reliable and easily maintained, and does notrequire special tools.

The DC-500 has two independent, easily replaceable, springcheck valves in capsules.

The DC-500 is recommended where the degree of pollution doesn’t impose the use of an RP-500.

The Double Check Valve (DC-500) device consists of twoindependently acting, spring-loaded, check valves. Two resilientseated shut-off valves and four test cocks complete the assembly. Each check valve is designed to maintain a minimum of 1 PSI across the valve during normal operation. If at any time thepressure downstream of the device increases above the supply pressure, both check valves will close to prevent any backflow from occurring.


Upon ordering, please specify: model, size, working pressure, threads/flanges standard and type of liquid.



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