ARI NR-020 Plastic Check Valve

ARI,NR-020,Plastic,Check ValveARI NR-020 Plastic Check Valve is made of engineered plastic materials (8″ made of a hard anodize coated aluminium), it can operate under highly corrosive conditions.

Spring loaded check valve, may be installed in any possition.

Minimum head loss. As the flap rises, its arm shortens resulting in a reduced moment, causing a reduction in head loss.

Recommended for use in hot water and heating systems, irrigation systems in general and for the application of fertilizers through irrigation systems.

Wafer-type construction, mounted between flanges.

Working pressures: 0.2-16 bar (3-230 psi).

Available in 3″ (80 mm) – 8″ (200 mm)


  • NR-020 LS Check valve with an electric indicator Limit Switch
  • NR-020 FV Check valve with Stainless Steel Strainer as a Foot Valve.


Upon ordering, please specify: model, size, working pressure, threads/flanges standard and type of liquid.

ARI,NR-020,Plastic,Check Valve

ARI,NR-020,Plastic,Check Valve

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