ARI NR-030 Metallic Swing Type Check Valve

ARI,NR-030,Metallic,Swing,Type,Check ValveARI NR-030 Metallic Swing Type Check Valve has a cast body with high resistance to surge effects.

Corrosion resistant inner parts ensure long term service under adverse conditions.

Optional sealing: bronze on bronze or stainless steel on stainless steel for extremely adverse working conditions.

Stainless steel extended Shaft on both sides standard for 10″-16″.

Optional in 2″-8″.

Optional Additions:

  • Counterweight to avoid pressure surges.
  • Electric limit switch indicator.

Can be installed in either horizontal or vertical position.

Can be adapted to various types of liquid upon request. Low head loss.

Low cost operation.

Standard metal body – baked polyester coating.

Flanges are available in BS/ISO/ANSI standards.

Working pressures range: 0.2-16 bar (up to 100 bar upon request).

Available in 2″ (50 mm) – 16″ (400 mm).


Upon ordering, please specify: model, size, working pressure, threads/flanges standard and type of liquid.

ARI,NR-030,Metallic,Swing,Type,Check Valve

ARI,NR-030,Metallic,Swing,Type,Check Valve

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