ARI RP-500 Back Flow Preventer


ARI RP-500 Back Flow Preventer is designed to supply the best protection and durability against back flow caused by negative or opposite pressure. Back flow that may cause infiltration of chemicals, fertilizers and/or other pollutants to drinking water systems.

The RP-500, made of reinforced plastic materials, is reliable and easily maintained without special tools.

The RP-500 has two independent, easily replaceable, spring check valves in capsules.

A revolutionary internal Reduced Pressure Zone ensures protection and reliable performance of the relief valve.

At normal flow, the two check valves are open, supplying water down stream. The relief valve is kept closed by a diaphragm, activated by upstream pressure, through the internal control system.

The pressure in the area between the two check valves is about 6.3 psi lower than the water supply pressure.

When negative pressure or sub-atmospheric conditions occur, the check valve is closes to prevent back flow.

If the second check valve fails, the pressure between the two check valves rises, causing the opening of the relief valve, and releasing
the water to the atmosphere.


Upon ordering, please specify: model, size, working pressure, threads/flanges standard and type of liquid.



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