ARI D-040 Combination Air Valve "BARAK"

ARI,D-040,Combination Air Valve,Combination,Air,Valve,BARAKARI D-040 Combination Air Valve “BARAK” provides reliable operation reduces water hammer incidents.

Dynamic design allows high velocity air discharge, up to 0.8 bar differential pressure; Preventing premature closing.

Lightweight, small dimensions, simple and reliable structure.

The body is made of high strength plastic, and all operating parts are made of specially selected corrosion resistant materials.

The drainage outlets enables removal of excess fluids.

Automatic component

A.R.I patent, Rolling Seal Mechanism:

  • Dramatically reduces the possibility of obstruction by debris.
  • Discharges high air flow rates up to 160 m3/h.
  • One size orifice for a wide pressure range (up to 16 bar).
  • Self cleaning mechanism.

Working pressure range: 0.2-16 bar (2-250 psi).
Available in 3/4″ (20mm), 1″ (25mm), 2″ (50mm), BSPT/NPT threaded.


  • D-040-T: With a ball valve Tap.
  • D-040-P: With Nylon Base or D-040-B: Brass base upon request.
  • D-040-VAC: Vacuum check. Available as a valve that will only release air from the system and will not admit air to the system in vacuum condition.

Upon ordering, please specify: model, size, working pressure, threads/flanges standard and type of liquid.

ARI,D-040,Combination Air Valve,Combination,Air,Valve,BARAK

ARI,D-040,Combination Air Valve,Combination,Air,Valve,BARAK



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