ARI D-070 Combination Dynamic Air Valve

ARI,D-070,Combination,Dynamic,Air,ValveThe ARI D-070 Combination Dynamic Air Valve is a unique valve operating without a float, utilizing the rolling diaphragm principle. This unique structure allows the dynamic valves to release air from the water system in a controlled and gradual manner, preventing slam and local up-surges, and to draw in large volumes of air into the water system, impeding down-surges and, consequently, all pressure surges in the line. The valves are normally closed when the line is not operating, thus preventing the infiltration of foreign particles into the water system.


  • Pumping stations, deep wells, and distribution lines.
  • Systems that suffer from slam and local and system surges.
  • Sites that require a combination of means to reduce water hammer or surges.
  • Sites that require an air valve with a low profile due to lack of space.

When the pipeline system begins to fill with water, air becomes compressed in the line and flows into the air valves, raising their sealing assemblies to their open position. Air is then released through an automatic kinetic nozzle. When the water reaches the air valve, it fills the kinetic chamber, where some of it outflows through the kinetic nozzle, and some of it enters into the seal operating chamber, causing it to close. Pressure develops in the operating chamber, bringing about a controlled lowering of the sealing assembly, until the kinetic nozzle is completely closed. At this stage, the automatic small orifice air release valve continues to work, releasing air through its nozzle. With a reduction in pressure in the line during drainage or shut-off, the force is reduced on the kinetic sealing assembly and it rises and opens the kinetic nozzle, drawing in air from the atmosphere into the system.

Main Features:

  • Working pressure: 0.2 through 16 bars.
  • Lightweight and small with simple and reliable operation.
  • Interior components are corrosion-resistant.
  • The valve body is coated with oven-baked polyester or FBE.
  • Maximum working temperature is 90°C.
  • The automatic valve releases large quantities of water without becoming obstructed.
  • Built-in connection for surplus water drainage at the outlet.
  • Extremely quiet closing. Prevents slam and causes a reduction of water surges in the air valve and the line.
  • Prevents the intrusion of debris and contaminants into the system.
  • Smooth and gradual closing unaffected by water flow.


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