ARI D-080 Combination Air Valve With Shut Off Valve

ARI,D-080,Combination,Air,Valve,Shut Off ValveARI D-080 combination air valve (kinetic & automatic) that includes a shut-off valve as an integral part of valve’s body.

Maximum fitness for underground chamber

Minimum height and width dimensions. Upper operational access to shut-off valve.

Optional operation by extended-shaft from without the chamber.

NRS valve (Non Raise Stem) Fixed height of shut-off valve.

When the shut-off valve is closed, the complete internal mechanism can be removed easily upward as a separate assembly, allowing for easy maintenance.

Automatic air release up to 450 m3/h.
Saves energy and reduces operation costs.

Three Independent Automatic Air release valve working according to A.R.I patented rolling seal principal.

Dramaticaly reduces the possibility of obstruction by debris.

The Automatic units are implanted inside the kinetic float and are protected from outward damage.

An inner “air pillow” protects the valve against damage from freezing.

Dynamic design allows high velocity air discharge, Preventing premature closing.

Maximum rate: 80mm – up to 3,400 m3/h 100mm – up to 4,500 m3/h

“Anti-Slam” shutting as a consequence of “air pillow” inside valve’s body that acts as a buffer.

Standard cast iron body – baked polyester coating. Working pressure range: 0.2-16 bar. (3-230 psi).

Available in 3″ (80mm), 4″ (100mm) Flanges are available in BS/ISO/ANSI standards.


  • Screen outlet.
  • Drainage outlet.


Upon ordering, please specify: model, size, working pressure, threads/flanges standard and type of liquid.

ARI,D-080,Combination,Air,Valve,Shut Off Valve

ARI,D-080,Combination,Air,Valve,Shut Off Valve

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