ARI D-025 SB Underground Air Valve System for Wastewater

ARI,D-025 SB,Underground,Air Valve System,Wastewater,Air,Valves,SewageThe D-025 SB Underground Air Valve System for Wastewater is a complete package that combines the reliable and efficient properties of the A.R.I. D-025 waste water air valve with the added feature of a sub-surface valve that can be buried below ground.

A specially designed shut-off valve – situated at the base of the D-025 SB assembly allows maintenance from ground level.

The shut-off valve is equipped with a safety mechanism enabling disconnection and removal of the D-025 air valve from its subsurface housing, even when the system is under pressure. Since service and maintenance operations of the unit are performed entirely from the surface, there is no need for safety considerations associated with confined space entry.

Main Features

  • A combination air valve for waste water, with a large air/vacuum orifice and a small automatic air release orifice, integrated into one body.
  • The air valve’s inlet diameter is 80 mm.
  • Pipe connections: 80 mm threaded (BSP/NPT) or flanged, in accordance with BS-10 1947, BS 4504 (DIN-2501), ASA standards.
  • The D-025 SB integral, flat, quarter-turn, knife shut-off valve has an 80 mm full bore passage.
  • The shut-off valve is operated from the surface.
  • Easy and efficient back flushing, for cleaning, can be achieved while the air valve is in its sub-surface housing.
  • All connections are quick connections, to facilitate handling and maintenance operations, flushing (inlet & outlet) connections and adaptor connected to the shut-off valve.
  • Safety elements: Disengaging the air valve is safeguarded, unless the shut-off valve is in “closed” position, and the internal pressure is released. It is not possible to extract the air valve.
  • Drainage system: A special one-way valve that drains the water from the valve box and does not admit water.
  • All parts are corrosion resistant: Metal parts – made of St.St., Ductile Iron, Composite material parts – made of Nylon, PE, PVC.
  • The air valve’s body and base are made of reinforced Nylon.
  • Working Pressure Range: 0.2-10 bar.
  • Working Temperature: 60° C Maximum instantaneous working temperature: 90° C.


Upon ordering, please specify: model, size, working pressure, threads/flanges standard and type of liquid.



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