Star Systems 3" Spin Klin® Compact Filter Batteries From Arkal

Spin Klin Fully Automatic Disc Filters

Star Systems – 3″ Spin Klin®
Size: 3″ Spin Klin® compact batteries
8″ – 12″ inlet/outlet manifold diameter
Capacity: High flow (200-650 m3/hr)
Operation: Modular, Fully Automatic Disc Filtration
Standard Features:
Uniquely efficient. Precise particle separation.
Innovative filter design captures and stores large amounts of solids.
Low energy and water consumption.
Long-term operation with barely any maintenance.
Operation is easy and requires no filter media replacement.
Continuous flow during backwash.
Commosion free.
Special Features:
Automatic backwashing for self-cleaning.
The flushing cycle has a regulated volume, is short and environmentally friendly as it minimizes the use of flush water and automatically cleans the filter element. This saves labor and costs – minimum maintenance, and eliminates forever the need to replace filter media.
Highflow compact design for easy, space saving installation.
2″ Spin Klin® Compact (stand alone)
2″ Spin Klin® Automatic (Self-cleaning) Disc Filter Batteries
3″ Spin Klin® Automatic (Self-cleaning) Disc Filter Batteries
Star Systems – 3″ Spin Klin®
Galaxy Systems – 4″ Spin Klin®
Galaxy Systems – 6″ Spin Klin®
Galaxy Super Flow Systems – 12″ Spin Klin®




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