Air Cabinet Coolers Atlanta & Filtration Systems in Atlanta

Pelmar Engineering is a leading supplier of high-quality industrial, municipal and commercial products from numerous trusted manufacturers. We offer a wide range of cabinet coolers, filtration systems, and air conditioning solutions in Atlanta. 

Arkal Disc-Klin Automatic Filters

For industrial, municipal, commercial and agricultural filtration system needs in Atlanta, Arkal Filtration Systems are a cost-effective option. Arkal is known around the globe as a leader in filtration technologies, recognized for their innovative product development and design for clean water technologies. Their specially-designed disc filtration technology saves water and energy, and the fully-automatic filters are easy to operate and require little maintenance.

Amiad Automatic Screen Filters

Self-cleaning, lightweight and durable, Amiad screen filters are also innovative and offer maximum installation flexibility. Their unique suction-scanner cleaning technology can benefit a wide range of filtration applications in the irrigation, landscaping, municipal and industrial markets in Atlanta. 

Ice Qube Cabinet Coolers and Air Conditioners

Ice Qube cabinet coolers and air conditioners are efficient, cost-effective, and reliable—sure to meet your cooling needs. The EV Evolution Series offers cutting-edge design and is certified for general purpose and hazardous locations. This series is the next evolution of cabinet coolers, complete with many impressive standard features and a variety of optional accessories.

Noren Cabinet Coolers

Innovative and eco-friendly, Noren’s heat pipe technology allows their cabinet coolers to efficiently remove waste heat from sealed electrical panels and enclosures. Their innovative designs proactively regulate temperature and dissipate heat from sensitive electronic components without exposing them to harsh and dirty environments outside the cabinet. 

Vortex A/C Coolers

For reliable, efficient cabinet cooling in Atlanta, you can trust Vortex A/C Coolers to keep your electronics cool, clean, and protected from dust and dirt. Vortex coolers are reliable, cost effective, and boast up-to-date features, packaged in a sleek design. A low-cost alternative to expensive air conditioners, Vortex A/C will help you avoid heat and dirt-related downtime.

Since 1982, Pelmar Engineering has been a trusted supplier of industrial, municipal and commercial products. We’re proud to offer solutions for a variety of industries and applications in Atlanta, including innovative filtration and cooling systems. Speak with one of our application specialists today by calling 1-888-754-6329, or contact us here.

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