Cabinet Panel Coolers, Water Filtration Systems & Water Control Valves in Austin

As a trusted supplier of high-quality products since 1982, Pelmar Engineering is Austin’s leading provider of industrial, municipal and commercial products. Whether you need cabinet panel coolers, water control valves, water filtration systems or more, we have the expertise and experience to provide the right solutions for your project.

Vortex AC Cabinet Coolers

Vortex is one of the most trusted names in the business. Their A/C Cabinet Coolers are equipped with cutting-edge features that balance the customer’s need for reliability, with an eye on cost-effectiveness. They are quick and easy to install, with flexible mounting options, and are low-maintenance compared to more expensive models. And with sleek, modern, compact design, Vortex systems are compatible with a wide range of environments, ensuring that controls are well-protected from temperature and humidity variations. 

Cabinet Coolers Air Conditioners from IceQube

IceQube’s cabinet cooler air conditioner is a powerful choice. With options ranging from 4,000-12,000 BTUH, the EV Evolution Series has the right option available for any cooling need. This A/C is efficient, quiet and long-lasting compared to other models. It utilizes environmentally-friendly refrigerant and can be used with or without a purge system. Standard features include everything from programmable temperatures and alarm to an easy-clean reusable electrostatic filter, and available options/accessories allow you to calibrate and customize the IceQube cabinet cooler to your exact specifications.

Cabinet Cooler Heat Exchangers from Noren

Noren’s cabinet cooler heat exchangers are designed to ensure an optimal environment for sensitive electric panels and enclosures, allowing these critical components to operate reliably. Noren’s models come in a wide range of size and power and can be side, back, or front-mounted to do their job without intruding into the enclosure. The Noren is incredibly efficient at removing waste heat without exposing components to humidity, dirt and dust. 

Disc-Klin Automatic Filter from Arkal

Arkal is a trusted name in disc filtration systems. The Disc-Klin Automatic Filter is especially beneficial for industrial, commercial, municipal and agricultural water filtration in Austin, offering innovative features and functionality that saves water and energy, is low-maintenance, and is easy to operate. As a cutting-edge provider of automatic disc filtration systems that perform without the hassle, it’s no wonder that Arkal has been a category leader for the past 30+ years. 

Screen Automatic Filters from Amiad

Amiad Self Cleaning Filters offer maximum flexibility and peace of mind. Amiad has engineered suction-scanner cleaning technology that is incredibly durable, reliable and corrosion free. Its compact, modular design allows for various installation configurations, and it is easy to install and to maintain. This makes the Amiad automatic filters a great choice for a range of irrigation applications, including both landscape and agricultural.

Pelmar Engineering is a trusted supplier of innovative air conditioning, filtration systems and cabinet cooling solutions in Austin. As a partner to industrial, municipal and commercial customers since 1982, we have the experience and knowledge needed to help address your project needs. 

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