Arctic FHS SE 316SS Series Stainless Steel Filter Bag Housing

Arctic,FHS SE,316SS,Series,Stainless Steel,Filter,Bag,HousingThe Arctic FHS SE 316SS Series Stainless Steel Filter Bag Housing is our most popular
line of Filter Bag Housings. The Side Entry design has many of the quality
features of our Over the Top design but its simpler layout allows for a reduction
in materials resulting in an economical choice.Our 316SS SE stainless steel filter bag housing incorporates a unique bag clamping feature which
securely clamps a wide range of filter bag top ring designs ensuring no
bypass of contaminants. The 316SS SE design is available in P1 and P2 sizes.



  • Unique bag clamping ensures no bypass.
  • Four swing bolt closures for effortless access without special tools.
  • High quality castings provide easy and accurate filtration.
  • 316SS Retainer Basket offers greater chemical resistance.
  • Up to 180 US GPM with less than 2 PSI pressure drop.
    (Based on water-like viscosity and a clean filter bag.)
  • SS Shot Blast facilitates easier vessel cleanup.
  • Passivation of wetted parts provides increased corrosion resistance.
  • Adjustable height 304 Stainless Steel three-leg stand.
  • Built in cover rest facilitates bag change-out.
  • 100% hydraulic testing ensuring quality and performance.


  • Mesh Lined Retainer Basket (Eliminates need for filter bag.)
  • 304 Stainless Steel Hardware
  • ANSI Flanged Inlet and Outlet Kits
  • Optional O-Ring Materials in Buna N, EPR, Viton Encapsulated Teflon
  • Electro Polishing
  • Displacement Balloons
  • Pressure Gauges and Switches
  • Duplex or Multi-Plex Assemblies upon Request

Typical Applications

  • Incoming Plant Water (city or well supply)
    Unexpected contamination from piping corrosion, silt, well sand or even from off-site municipal pipe line maintenance can cause significant and costly process problems.
  • Heat Exchange Circuits
    Contaminant build up in open or closed loop heat exchange systems greatly lowers system efficiency. Bag filter systems in the loop will help maintain efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Equipment Protection
    Valves, pump seals, spray nozzles and other process equipment all need protection from unwanted solids. A low pressure drop bag filter system is an economical and efficient way to provide this protection.
  • Purifying Finished Products
    Bag filter system are ideal to clarify or classify a wide variety of liquid products; High viscosity inks, ointments, paints, varnishes and adhesives or lower viscosity food products, household cleaners, industrial chemicals or many other liquids.
  • Pre Filtration
    Bag filters are ideally suited to protect and extend the life of more expensive downstream filtration elements. (RO, DI, etc.)


Arctic,FHS SE,316SS,Series,Stainless Steel,Filter,Bag,Housing FHS Series SE 316SS
Arctic,FHS SE,316SS,Series,Stainless Steel,Filter,Bag,Housing General Data
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