Pump Control Valve Bermad Model 740

The Model 740 Booster-Pump Control Valve is a hydraulically-operated, diaphragm-actuated, active check valve that opens fully or shuts off in response to electric signals. It isolates the pump from the system during pump starting and stopping, to prevent pipeline surges.

  • Isolation of pump start and stop effects from system, for:
  • Solitary single speed pumps
  • Battery of single speed pumps (add & switch)
  • Battery of variable speed pumps (add)

Features and Benefits

  • Line-pressure driven
  • Independent operation
  • No motor required
  • Long-term drip-tight sealing
  • Solenoid-controlled
  • Low-cost wiring
  • Wide ranges of pressures and voltages
  • Normally Open or Normally Closed
  • Check feature (spring-loaded type)
  • Replaces line-sized check valve
  • Fail-safe mechanical closure
  • In-line serviceable – easy maintenance
  • Double chamber
  • Full-powered opening (option “B”) & closing
  • Non-slam opening & closing characteristic
  • Protected diaphragm
  • Balanced seal disk – high flow capacity
  • Flexible design – easy addition of hydraulic features

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