Bi-Level, Float Control Valve Bermad Model 750

Bi-Level,Float,Control,Valve,Bermad,Model,750The Model 750-66 Bi-Level, Non-Modulating Float-Control Valve is an automatic control valve designed for low-level and high-level control of water in reservoirs and storage tanks.It is a pilot-controlled, hydraulically operated, diaphragm-actuated globe valve in either the oblique (Y) or angle pattern design.

The Model 750-66 Bi-Level, Non-Modulating Float-Control Valve operates independently of valve differential pressure. The double-chambered diaphragm actuator always has full differential pressure to develop maximum power and immediate reaction.

The lower control chamber is vented to atmosphere and the upper control chamber is alternately pressurized or vented by the opening and closing of a 4-way float pilot which senses the preset low- and high-water levels. The 4-way operation allows the main valve to be fully opened even at very low system pressures which provides minimum head loss across the valve.

Bi-Level,Float,Control,Valve,Bermad,Model,750The float pilot senses a low- and high-water level in the tank or reservoir and will alternately pressurize and vent the upper control chamber of the main valve.

The pilot can be connected to provide either main-valve closing at high level or low level. For high-level closing the adjustable float ball rises to the high-float stop and causes the float pilot to switch position.

This pressurizes the upper control chamber causing the main valve to close and stop flow filling the tank. As tank level drops the main valve remains closed until the float ball drops to the low-float stop pilot and causes the float pilot to switch position.

This vents the upper control chamber causing the main valve to open and start flow filling the tank. The sequence of pressurizing and venting the upper control chamber is reversed for low-level closing.

Features and Benefits

  • Line-pressure driven – independent operation
  • Bi-level hydraulic float control
  • On/Off service
  • Low cavitation damage
  • Suitable for low-quality water
  • Inherent reservoir refreshing
  • Double chamber
  • Full-powered opening & closing
  • Decreased pressure loss
  • No throttling noise
  • Non-slam closing characteristic
  • Protected diaphragm
  • External installation
  • Easy access to valve & float
  • Easy level setting
  • Less wear and tear
  • Balanced seal disk – high flow capacity
  • In-line serviceable – easy maintenance
  • Flexible design – easy addition of features

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