Non-Slam Check Valve Bermad Model 760-03

Non,Slam,Check,Valve,Bermad,Model,760-03The Model 760-03 Non-Slam Check Valve is a hydraulically operated valve designed to open and close drip-tight in response to the differences in inlet and outlet pressures. It is a pilot controlled, hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated globe valve in either the oblique (Y) or angle pattern design.

The Model 760-03 Non-Slam Check Valve operates independently of valve differential pressure. The double chambered diaphragm actuator always has full differential pressure to develop maximum power and immediate reaction. In normal conditions and flow where upstream pressure exceeds downstream pressure, the upstream pressure is applied to the lower control chamber through a one way needle.

Non,Slam,Check,Valve,Bermad,Model,760-03This opening force coupled with the opening pressure exerted on the seal disk by the normal flow causes the valve to open. If pressure conditions reverse and downstream pressure exceeds the upstream pressure, this greater downstream pressure is applied to the upper control chamber through a one way needle valve.

This closing force along with the closing force being applied to the seal disk by the reversed flow and the actuator spring, causes the valve to positively close and seal drip tight. The lower chamber provides cushioning for a smooth non-slam closing operation and both the opening and closing speeds can be adjusted by the needle valves.

Bermad,RAM,400,Series,Control,Valves,diaphragm,actuated,Hydraulic View 760 Catalogue

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