Bermad Fire Protection Valves

Bermad Fire Protection valves with a range of operation modes are the vital components in fire protection systems for oil refineries, petro-chemical plants and public buildings.

Bermad serves global customers in a wide range of fire protection valvess. Bringing together its expertise and know-how, leading-edge technology, and precision engineering, Bermad provides comprehensive customized solutions for fire protection systems in petrochemical plants – offshore & onshore, refineries, power stations,and public buildings.

Incorporating unique patented technologies for fail-safe opening, zero flow obstruction and invulnerability to water hammer, Bermad’s globally proven Fire Protection Valves provide greatest reliability throughout longest service life.

Bermad Fire Protection Vales Models

Classic Deluge

Pressure Control Deluge

On/Off Deluge

Manually Operated Valves

Monitor Valves

Pre Action & Dry Pipe

Pressure Control Valves

Level Control Valves

Foam Concentrate Valves

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