Electrically Controlled On-Off Deluge Valve Bermad 400E-3D-RL

Electrically Controlled, On-Off, Deluge Valve, Bermad, 400E-3D-RLThe BERMAD 400E-3D-RL Deluge Valve is suitable for use with remote controlled or/and automatic water spray or foam deluge systems that include electric detection and piping systems with open nozzles.

This BERMAD Deluge Valve is equipped with two solenoid valves and Double-Acting Relay Valve (DRV) which trips the deluge valve into an open position during the Opening solenoid activation. The valve will then latch in its last position. The 400E-3D-RL will reset remotely via short pulse to activate the Closing solenoid coil.


  • Low Power DC Current – Suitable as battery backup
  • Electric Remote Reset Latch (RL) – Safety feature
  • Latched at Last Position – Safer and energy-saving
  • One-piece molded elastomeric moving part – No maintenance required
  • Obstacle-Free Full Bore – Uncompromising reliability
  • Factory Pre-Assembled Trim – Out-of-box quality
  • In-Line Serviceable – Minimal downtime

Typical Applications

  • Water/foam fire systems
  • Deluge & spray systems
  • Petrochemical facilities
  • Flammable materials storage
  • Marine enviroments
  • Gas storage tanks


  • Solenoids for hazardous locations
  • Limit Switch for hazardous locations
  • Alarm Pressure Switch for hazardous locations
  • Foam Concentrate Configuration (FC prefix)
  • Valve Position Single/Double Limit Switche
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