Locally Operated Monitor Valve Bermad FP 405-11

Locally Operated, Monitor Valve, Bermad, FP 405-11Features:

  • Quick & easy operation – Requires only 1/4 turn of the pilot valve handle
  • One-piece vulcanized diaphragm assembly – Reliability
  • In-line, quick cover removal – Minimal downtime
  • Simple design – Cost effective
  • Unobstructed flow path – No supporting ribs

Typical Applications

  • Fire hydrant and monitor valves
  • Hydraulic remote controlled systems
  • Zone isolating valve
  • Manual operated flood valve
  • Hydraulically operated hydrants
  • Gas & oil storage tanks


The BERMAD Model FP 405-11 is a line pressure driven valve that opens and closes smoothly and safely, following any passage of time. It consists of a “Check Lock” feature that traps high pressure peaks ensuring that the valve remains locked in the closed position to maintain drip tight sealing.

Bermad,400 Series,Hydraulic Control Valves,Hydraulic,Control,Valves FP 405-11 Data Sheet

Bermad,400 Series,Hydraulic Control Valves,Hydraulic,Control,Valves

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