Bermad Control Valves

Bermad,Control,ValvesBermad Control Valves 700 Series Hydraulic Diaphragm Control Valves
For automatic control of water supply systems.
The Bermad 700 Series hydraulic control valves provide superior performance in the control and regulating of pressure, flow, water level pumping systems and additional applications in waterworks and industrial systems, as well as in supply networks for irrigation systems.The Bermad 700 Series consists of valves for a wide range of applications and constitutes a product line of impressive completeness. Its unsurpassed reliability has been well proven over many years of use throughout the world.

The Bermad 700 Series is complemented by a comprehensive range of control pilot valves and other control accessories for total flexibility of application.

The Bermad 700 Series control valves are available in sizes from 2″ to 18″ (50 – 450 mm) and for working pressures up to 35 kg/cm2 (500 psi).  Pressure rating and connections are in accordance with ISO, ANSI, BS and JIS Standards.


  • “Y” – or angle-pattern wide valve body, hydrodynamically designed, for high flow capacity and low pressure loss.
  • Double-chambered actuator provides positive, immediate response with accurate control, as well as smooth valve action without causing water hammer.
  • Self-aligning valve closure with resilient seal provides superior drip-tight valve sealing.
  • Removable full bore seat, free of any bottom stem guide ribs.
  • Optional V-port plug provides superior control flexibility, form full flow to zero flow, under varying pressure conditions.
  • Industrial quality construction meets international standards for material quality assurance and hydraulic control valve performance

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