BMF Filtration Systems

For over 25 years PEP Filters has been the leader in the industrial water filtration industry. PEP provides pre-engineered packaged systems that will deliver clean water to meet your rigorous demands for high quality water.

PEP manufactures a wide variety of standard and custom-built pressure filters used to remove impurities from water. PEP’s multi-media filtration system utilizes depth media to obtain a highly efficient mechanism for removing particles and reducing turbidity. Typically the filters are sized for 20 GPM per sq.ft of surface area, slower flow rates can result in higher efficiencies and different medias can be used for removing dissolved contaminants, organics and odors.

Once contaminants are trapped in the media, the lower fluidizers (under-drain) provides enough energy to fluidize the media releasing the dirt and carrying it away to the system to drain or for further processing. The mechanical nature of the system guarantees an immediate improvement in water quality.

Filters are furnished with manual, semi-automatic or fully automated backwash systems. Backwash can be initiated by manual push button, internal clock, PLC, differential pressure or building management system. The system also has an adjustable duration for each backwash and comes preset from the factory for 3 minutes. Each system also has a timer that allows for preset backwashes at the time that best suits the process.

The BMF filtration system can be packaged in a variety of ways. It is available as a standalone filtration system utilizing pumping power available within an existing system, a side stream system totally independent of the process with its own pump. It can also be packaged as a single unit or multiple units on a common skid with a manifold tying all of the units together. The result of this type of system is a virtually limitless filtration capacity. The BMF series is capable of removing large volumes of suspended solids as small as 5 micron. The standard system is 50 PSI Non ASME code construction. Higher pressures and different materials are readily available. The unit also includes NEMA 3R control panels with UL labels standard, and ASME Code stamp is an option as PEP filters is an ASME Code Section VIII facility. The tank is epoxy coated internally and externally and other coatings are available as required. The backwash mechanism consists of mechanically linked butterfly valves driven by a pneumatic actuator, an electric actuator is available as an option. The internals and face piping are schedule 80 PVC but many other material options are available as well.

The skid-mounted system allows for easy installation by requiring single point utility connections. Pelmar Engineering

Filter Operation

In the forward flow (filtration) mode water is passed under pressure through the tank inlet and over drain assembly to be evenly distributed over the filter media (tangential flow optional). Suspended solids are removed by the filter media and clean water then passes through the under drain to the filter outlet. Precision slots cut in the under drain prevent the passage of media to the outlet. A mechanically linked butterfly valve system, operated pneumatically or electrically, controls the direction of flow.

When in the automatic mode the backwash cycle (reverse flow) is initiated by the increasing differential pressure. As the media loads with contaminants, the delta P increases. Once a preset point is reached a backwash cycle is triggered reversing the valve from the forward mode to the reverse mode. Water is then sent under pressure through the lower fluidizers (under drain), which then causes percolating and scouring of the media releasing the trapped contaminant. The contaminant is then carried to the drain. After a minimum of two minutes the valves automatically return to the forward flow position.

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