Cabinet Panel Coolers, Water Filtration Systems & Water Control Valves in Chicago

Since 1982, Pelmar Engineering has been a proud supplier of high-quality industrial, municipal and commercial products from numerous trusted manufacturers. We offer a wide range of compressed air products, air release valves, air amplifiers, cabinet coolers, filtration systems, water flow control valves and strainers in the Chicago area.

Arkal Filtration Systems

For more than 30 years, Arkal Filtration Systems has boasted innovative product development and design for clean water technologies. The products provide cost-effective filtration solutions for your Chicago-based industrial, municipal, commercial and agricultural applications. Largely due to the company’s disc filtration technology, Arkal is a recognized world leader in filtration technologies. 

ITW Vortec Air Amplifier Products

ITW Vortec’s air amplification products allow for more efficient use of compressed air in cleaning and conveying applications. We offer several models for a wide range of conveying, ventilation, drying and cooling applications. Our Vortec air amplifier solutions are used in both ducted and unducted applications and are available in several sizes and flow rates.

Ice Qube Enclosure Cooling Products

Ice Qube top and side mount enclosure air conditioners are environmentally friendly, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. We offer Chicago air conditioning solutions with features that include durable steel construction, built in condensate evaporation packages, environmentally friendly refrigerant, space saving aesthetic cabinet design and more.

Cabinet, Enclosure & Panel Coolers

Pelmar Engineering supplies many models of enclosure coolers in Chicago—an effective and low-maintenance way to keep electronic panels and cabinets cool and safe from overheating. By recirculating cool, clean air inside the cabinet, enclosure coolers solve thermal management issues while protecting electronics from contaminants like dust and dirt. We offer a wide range of makes and models—our team will be happy to help you find the right cabinet cooler for your needs.

Pelmar Engineering is your go-to for compressed air products, filtration systems, air conditioning, air release and water flow control valves and strainers in Chicago. Speak with one of our application specialists today by calling 1-888-754-6329, or contact us here.

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