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Cold Air Pistol, Spot Cooling, Pelmar EngineeringThe Vortec Cold Air Pistol offers an ergonomic, easy to use and less costly alternative to the Cold Air Gun for intermittent spot cooling. The lightweight cold air pistol features an integral trigger mechanism for an on/off squeeze action that can be aimed at the target site; and provides cool air as low as 0ºF at a flow rate of 9 cfm. The cold air pistol is ideal for repair shops, industrial MRO, and machine tool shops, or anywhere that 100 psi compressed air is available and intermittent spot cooling is needed. The cold air pistol will cool parts quickly and with no liquid mess, so that your jobs can be started and completed faster.

Application Videos

  • Cold Air Pistol: Vortec’s New Cold Air Pistol spot cools hot bearings after installation on shaft.


  • Bearing Replacement & Installation

  • Freeing seized bearings from tight interferences

  • Easing bearing installation when heating is not an option

  • Chilling heated bearing races to a shaft

  • Cooling of Welds and Solder

  • Setting Adhesives

  • Cooling of Parts and Tools

  • Temperature Testing Thermostats

  • Thermal Cycling

  • Cooling Chromatographic Columns in Laboratory


  • 100 psig incoming compressed air

  • 15 scfm compressed air consumption

  • Cold air flow rate: 9 cubic feet per minute

  • Cold air temperature: 0ºF

  • Noise level at 3 feet: 78 dB

  • Inlet: ¼”-18 female NPT

  • Recommended supply hose: 3/8” inside diameter, up to 25 feet

  • Overall length: 12¼ inches

  • Weight: less than one pound

Spot Cooling Cold Air Gun Models include:

  • Adjustable Cold Air Gun – Our most popular and versatile model.

  • Mini Cold Air Gun- Its compact size allows close positioning on grinding operations.

  • Thread Guard® – Keeps sewing needles cool to reduce breakage and thread burning.

  • Hot Air Gun – Spot pre-heating
    (up to 200°+ F) of parts and processes, using no electricity.

pdf   Cold Air Pistol Model 615 Dimensions

pdf  Mini Cold Air Gun Model 680 Dimensions

pdf  Mini Cold Air Gun Model 682 Dimensions

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