Oil Recycling System COMO Fluid Life Oil Skimmers

An effective, low cost skimmer for removal of oils, grease, fatty acids and scum.

The COMO Fluid Life Oil Skimmers Oil Recycling System removes oils, grease, sludge, fatty acids and other contaminants from your water or cleaning solution.

Because of the adhesive qualities of these contaminants, they adhere to the slow rotating disc and then are removed by use of spring loaded wiper blades and discharged in a nearby container.

Water and cleaning solutions not having an adhesive factor will remain.


  • Skimmers are light weight and easily installed
  • Standard disc operates in temperatures up to 140 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • High temperature disc available to 200 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Electrical -115 volt single phase 60 cycle gear motor
Oil Recycling System, COMO, Fluid Life, Oil Skimmers
12 inch
Oil Recycling System, COMO, Fluid Life, Oil Skimmers
18 inch
Oil Recycling System, COMO, Fluid Life, Oil Skimmers
24 inch


  • Conserves water by removing oils and sludge. Extends the life of coolants, cleaning solutions and rinse water
  • Solid contaminants and tramp oils are removed from solutions allowing for better cleaning
  • Reduction of smoke and safer operation is attained
  • In many cases, reclaiming oil is possible
  • The oil wheel can be used anywhere there is a need to remove floating oil or similar fluids

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