Filtomat M300 Series Automatic Filters

  • For flow rates up to 1100m³/h; 4840USgpm
  • Filtration degrees from 800 to 15 micron
  • Filter area: 406cm² – 11,794cm²; 63in² – 1828in²
  • Available with built-in M400 bypass feature

40 m³/h
176 USgpm
80 m³/h
350 USgpm
150 m³/h
660 USgpm
150 m³/h
660 USgpm
300 m³/h
1320 USgpm
300 m³/h
1320 USgpm
400 m³/h
1760 USgpm
600 m³/h
2640 USgpm
1100 m³/h
4840 USgpm

Filtering Process:

Water is filtered through the coarse screen of the filter, where there is a gradual build-up of dirt on the fine screen. This build-up causes a gradual increase in pressure differential between the inside and outside of the screen. When the pressure drop reaches a pre-set level, the cleaning cycle commences.

Self-Cleaning Process:

The M300 self cleaning process begins when the rinse controller activates the hydraulic valves and piston, and water from the hydraulic motor chamber flows out. Pressure inside the hydraulic motor chamber, the dirt collector, and the suction nozzles drops to a very low level creating a pressure gradient between the reverse side of the screen (clean water) and the inside of the screen (dirty water), opposite the suction nozzles. This back-flushing operation cleans the screen ahead of the suction nozzle.

The water and the dirt passing through the hydraulic motor cause the collector to rotate, while the piston is activated in an axial movement. The combination of the axial and rotational movement of the nozzles means that the entire area of the fine screen is totally cleaned.

As dirt on the fine screen is washed out, the pressure gradient disappears, the rinse controller unit closes the hydraulic valves, and the piston moves back To its original position. The system is now ready For the Next rinsing cycle.

1. Coarse screen 2. Fine screen 3. Nozzles 4. Hydraulic motor chamber 5. Hydraulic valves
6. Piston 7. Hydraulic motor 8. Rinse controller 9. Dirt collector assembly

Filtomat, M300, Series, Automatic, Filters,,Pelmar, Engineering

Filtomat, M300, Series, Automatic, Filters,,Pelmar, Engineering Filtomat M300 Series Brochure

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