HMF2 Granular Media Filter

After 30 years, PEP Filters continues to lead the industry in the design and manufacture of the most reliable and efficient automatic continuous duty granular media filters. The new HMF2 series represents the next generation in self-cleaning media filters. In addition to high efficiency media packs, they feature our revolutionary universal face piping. The modular design enables you to achieve maximum versatility while minimizing installation costs.

PEP filter systems utilize a variety of specialized Unigran™ granular media. Unigran™ media provides excellent suspended particulate removal and unmatched “clean-ability” of the media during backwash. Particle removal efficiencies of 90% or better are typical at 10, 5 or even 0.5 micron depending on the application and media pack specified. The skid mounted stand-alone filter system arrives completely assembled, pre-wired and factory tested. Set it in place, make the necessary piping connections, load the media and bring electrical service to the control panel. The value of clean water is soon realized as the PEP filter automatically removes the suspended contaminants introduced to the system by the air scrubbing actions of cooling towers or through the use of poor quality make-up water.

Proper backwashing is a key consideration in successfully applying a granular media filter. As the filter traps suspended particles, the differential pressure across the media bed increases. When a preset time or differential pressure across the media is met, the unit automatically reverses the flow (backwashes) and lifts the trapped contaminants from the media bed and washes them to drain. The field adjustable backwash duration timer is typically set for two minutes. Standard controls include automatic backwash initiation via manual push button, differential pressure switch and adjustable 24-hour or 7-day timer.

Located at a convenient height, the system controls are housed in a NEMA-4X non-metallic enclosure with a clear UV-resistant door The innovative HMF2 is value engineered to deliver superior performance and long-term system reliability. Design ingenuity, workmanship and high quality industrial grade components are evident throughout. A heavy-duty 600 inch-pound electric actuator controls valve operation for a smooth transition between filter and backwash cycles and prevents the damaging “water hammer” common to filter systems using snap-acting diaphragm valves. Further, the mechanically linked bronze ball valves eliminate the potential for “out of sequence” operation, another condition common to filter systems that employ diaphragm valves. Another value added benefit is that PEP’s metallic ball valves and linkage require no spare parts or routine maintenance.

The versatility of PEP’s modular universal piping allows the filter to be easily connected to either “tower/system” water or “city/external” water backwash. Due to the effects of seasonal changes on tower water chemistry and an increasing demand for water conservation, a “dual source” backwash option is available. With this option, the backwash source is selected via a backwash source selector switch or a control input from a conductivity meter or Building Monitoring System.

PEP’s innovative modular universal face piping* provides several unique advantages:

  • To accommodate varying site requirements, the modular universal face piping allows for easy field conversion to either city water backwash or tower/system water backwash.
  • Optional “dual source” pipe module has three modes of operation:

    • Manual Mode: Allows selecting between tower/system water and city water at the flip of a switch.
    • Remote Mode: Allows backwash water source selection via remote input from building monitoring system (BMS).
    • Water/Chemical Conservation Mode: Water treatment chemical usage is optimized by allowing a conductivity meter to determine backwash water source. If system water conductivity is low, city water is utilized. If conductivity is high, instead of bleeding system water to drain, it is used to backwash the filter.

*Patent Pending

HMF2 Granular Media Filter Brochure

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