Manufacturers Represented By Pelmar Engineering Ltd


  • Amiad Filtration Systems
    Focused on the worldwide need for clean water Amiad specializes in developing and marketing environmentally-friendly filtration solutions for industrial, municipal, and agricultural use. Our automatic self-cleaning filters and manual filters have built a worldwide reputation for efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability.


  • A.R.I. Flow Control Accessories Ltd.
    A.R.I Flow Control Accessories is a leading company in water system protection from transient pressures and entrapped air in pipelines, the main causes for the bursting, collapsing and fracturing of pipelines These destructive forces lead to water losses through leaks in the pipeline and contamination due to intrusion of pathogens into the water system.>> Learn More <<


  • Arkal Filtration Systems
    Arkal Filtration Systems implements clean-water technologies to provide cost-effective filtration solutions for industrial, municipal, commercial and agricultural applications. Our dynamic solutions, including our patented automatic Spin Klin filtration technology, incorporate polymeric systems that feature modularity, flexibility and corrosion resistance.>> Learn More <<


  • Bermad Control Valves
    Bringing together its expertise and know-how, leading-edge technology and precision engineering, BERMAD provides comprehensive customized solutions for the control and management of water supply anywhere in the world. Based on expertise that comes from years of hands-on experience, BERMAD has developed state-of-the-art control valves and related products, along with comprehensive system solutions for a range of water management needs.>> Learn More <<



  • Flowmatic Systems Inc.
    Filtration, water treatment products and components for commercial, industrial and small community use. As the single source supplier to the water quality improvement industry, we stock for immediate shipment a complete line of filtration and water treatment products for residential, commercial and industrial applications.>> Learn More <<



  • ITW Vortec
    Vortec delivers effective compressed air products and solutions. As the pioneer in vortex tube cooling for industrial applications, Vortec offers a range of products to solve heat-related problems. Vortec air amplification provides more air power where and when you need it for energy-saving, blow-off cleaning and static removal. High-performance conveying items move parts/products in an airfow, vacuum away dust and debris, or ventilate fumes and gases.>> Learn More <<


  • Noren Products Inc.
    Noren Products, Inc. manufactures products based on heat pipe technology. The Company manufactures five different lines of products, all using the expertise and knowledge of its engineering and design staff. The Company is widely recognized for its ability to solve heat transfer challenges with cutting edge designs and technology.>> Learn More <<


  • Pelmar Engineering Ltd.
    Automatic Screen Filters from Pelmar Engineering operate on line pressure alone, eliminating the need for an external power source. As water passes through the filter, the dirt particles are collected on the screen. This causes a drop in water pressure. When the pressure drop reaches a preset level, the cleaning cycle is initiated. The Vacuum Screen Cleaner aggressively suctions the dirt from the inside of the screen and flushes it out the drain.>> Learn More <<

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