Minitwist Filter System

Minitwist Filter System,Minitwist,Filter,System“Minitwist” Model MTFC is a fully automatic, self-cleaning filtration system for flows of 0 – 100 US GPM (23M3/H). It removes dirt as fine as 20 micron, and uses a very small amount of water during cleaning process. In filtration mode, flow is from bottom of filter to inside of screen, and out. During cleaning mode, rotating nozzles collect dirt removed from screen by reverse flow, and sends it out through top of filter. Backwash process takes only 5 seconds.Advantages:

  • Fully automatic filtration system
  • Self cleaning, using system water only
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Easy to install. Inlet, Outlet and Drain
  • It takes only 5 seconds for backwash
  • Quick opening clamp for inspection
  • Virtually maintenance free

Typical Applications:

  • Cooling Systems (Towers, Chillers)
  • Turf & Agriculture Irrigation
  • Spray Nozzle Protection
  • Bottle & Can Wash
  • Pump Seal Water
  • Water Treatment
  • Potable Water
  • River Water
  • Car Wash

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