Cabinet Panel Coolers, Water Filtration Systems & Water Control Valves in New York

Pelmar Engineering is proud to have served as a trusted supplier of high-quality solutions for industrial, municipal and commercial use since 1982. From water control valves and water filtration systems to cabinet panel coolers and beyond, New York can trust Pelmar Engineering to have the products and service you need.

Vortex AC Cabinet Coolers

Vortex A/C is a cost-efficient option for A/C Cabinet Coolers that delivers a high level of reliability at a much more affordable cost than many competitors. Available in 4 different cooling capacities and multiple ratings, Vortex is a savvy choice for those seeking up-to-date features in a sleek enclosure, with minimal maintenance required. Vortex A/C Cabinet Coolers ensure a slightly pressurized cabinet to keep all components protected from moisture and heat, making this a solid choice among cabinet coolers.

Cabinet Coolers Air Conditioners from IceQube

The IceQube cabinet cooler A/C is a robust and high-performance cabinet air conditioner with a wide range of customizations to suit virtually any need. This three-position condenser allows you to direct hot air in different directions, depending on your requirements. It is available in a number of models, between 4,000-12,000 BTUH, and in a variety of finishes. But no matter your specs, the IceQube’s condenser is quiet, efficient, and long-lasting, making it a very reliable choice.

Cabinet Cooler Heat Exchangers from Noren

Cabinet cooler heat exchangers from Noren are flush mounted and remove heat from sealted panels through the brand’s high-performance heat pipe technology. Mounted on the side, front, or back of a cabinet enclosure, the Noren system dissipates heat out and away from the sensitive electronic components, without exposing the electronics to outside humidity and dirt. The result is a consistent and optimal environment inside the panel/enclosure.

Disc-Klin Automatic Filter from Arkal

Arkal has been leading the pack for 30+ years, and is a trusted name for water filtration needs in New York. Their Spin Klin fully automatic disc filtration system is the best of all worlds: low-maintenance over a long-term operational lifespan, efficient backwash to save water and save energy, and easy and simple to operate. In addition, Arkal is a leader in continual innovation, always optimizing performance and functionality to drive water filtration forward.

Screen Automatic Filters from Amiad

Amiad’s line of automatic, self cleaning filters is one of the most versatile and flexible in the industry. Compatible with a wide range of agricultural and landscaping needs, these easy-install irrigation filters feature a small footprint modular design that makes them a breeze to implement in any number of configurations. And with Amiad’s suction-scanner cleaning technology and a user-friendly mobile app, they are very low maintenance. 

Pelmar Engineering is New York’s trusted source for cabinet coolers, water filtration, air condition systems and more. We provide solutions for a wide range of industries, including industrial, municipal and commercial products. As experts in the field since 1982, we are ready to help you with your project today. 
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