Cabinet Cooling from Noren Products

The premier cabinet cooling experts Noren Products for both air to air and air to water cabinet coolers in nema 12, nema 4, nema 4x stainless applications.

  • Noren Air-to-Air Drop-In Cabinet Cooler removes waste heat from electronics down to slightly above outside ambient air temperature maintaining NEMA 12 integrity or better. With added protection, units may be made splash proof and corrosion proof, either NEMA 4 or 4X (Stainless Steel).

  • The Flush Mount Air-to-Air Cabinet Cooler units mount flush against the cabinet wall commonly installed on the side, front or back and do not intrude into the enclosure.

  • Air-to-Water Cabinet Cooler units can provide below ambient panel temperature, depending on the temperature of the water supply. There are no fans or fins exposed to the outside environment. These models are an ideal, low cost solution for high ambient or hazardous location cooling requirements when water (1gpm) is available.

  • The Internal Flush Mount Cabinet Cooler total unit is mounted flush inside the enclosure. Neither the fans nor housing can be seen from the outside and the opening is protected by a grate.

  • Complete Noreen Cabinet Cooler Brochure

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