Cabinet, Enclosure & Panel Coolers

Panel coolers are a highly effective and low-maintenance way to cool enclosures, electronic panels and cabinets, and at the same time keep them clean and isolated from the surrounding environment. Used widely in the military, oil & gas, machine tool, food, power plant, automotive industry and steel mills, just to name a few, cabinet coolers are a perfect way to solve thermal management issues in electronic cabinets.

Today’s sensitive electronics are being placed in increasingly smaller enclosures, which can lead to overheating. Cabinet coolers solve these problems by cooling and recirculating clean air inside the cabinet while retaining the enclosure’s protective seal against contaminants like dust, oil, and dirt.

Pelmar Engineering offers many models of enclosure coolers, including Vortex coolers, air conditioners and heat exchangers. These types of cooling equipment are available in a number of forms, such as:


  • IceQube
  • ITW Vortec
  • Noren

The team at Pelmar Engineering can assist you in specifying the correct cabinet cooler for your application. Simply contact Pelmar Engineering today at 1-888-754-6329, or fill out our online inquiry form.

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