Quick Opening Strainer Covers and Strainer Cover Removal Aids

The quick opening strainer covers and strainer cover removal aids available on IFC fabricated strainers are distinguished by their compact size and functional design. Materials of construction are in accordance with ASME specifications and manufacturing complies with the applicable rules of the ASME Code for Pressure Piping and with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

Cover Type BD – Davit Assembly

The Davit assembly is used to enable the user to swing the cover away from the strainer in order to facilitate basket or screen removal for cleaning. It’s primary use is for larger sized strainers where cover removal is difficult. The davit assembly is an inexpensive alternative to quick release covers, especially when operating conditions require a bolted cover to be utilized.

Cover Type H – T-Bolt Hinged Cover

The T-bolt hinged cover is used for nominal pressure applications while being the most inexpensive closure available on IFC fabricated strainers. The T-bolt hinged cover is opened quickly and easily using an O-Ring as a seal. The operator merely loosens the T-bolts until they clear the holding lugs and allow the head to be swung open on it’s hinge. Camlock and Break-over Wrench assemblies are also available that eliminate the need for a wrench.

Cover Type Y – Yoke Hinged Cover

The yoke hinged closure is a true ANSI rated closure. Used primarily on high pressure applications, yoke hinged covers are available with 150%, 300%, 600%, 900%, and 1500% ANSI ratings.Yoke hinged covers available on IFC fabricated strainers are available with a wide range of operating aids ranging from single-lever chain and sprocket drives to completely automated types. O-rings are utilized as the sealing member.

Cover Type T – Quick Opening Threaded Cover

The threaded cover closure consists of a cap which fastens to a hub that has been welded to the strainer body. The female cap is threaded onto the male hub and an O-Ring is utilized to make the seal.The placement of this O-Ring prevents corrosion of the closure threads allowing for long, trouble free service.The threaded closure can be utilized on both nominal and high pressure applications.

Quick Opening Strainer Covers Brochure

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