Cabinet Panel Coolers, Water Filtration Systems & Water Control Valves in San Francisco

Since 1982, Pelmar Engineering has been an industry leader in water filtration systems, A/C cabinet coolers, and more. Our application specialists work with industrial, commercial and municipal clients on a wide range of products. We are San Francisco’s source for not only reliable products, but reliable knowledge and expertise to select, install and service your project. 

Vortex AC Cabinet Coolers

Vortex AC Cabinet Coolers boast cutting-edge features without the high price tag (and high maintenance) of some of their competitors. They are a reliable unit, calibrated to consistently maintain a clean, cool dry environment to protect sensitive components. At the same time, they offer a streamlined modern design, and are both energy-efficient and noise-reducing compared to previous models. Vortex engineers have struck a desirable balance for those seeking AC cabinet coolers that do the job well without demanding high cost or upkeep.

IceQube Evolution Cabinet Coolers Air Conditioners

IceQube’s Evolution Cabinet Coolers are an especially well engineered line of cabinet A/C units. Their rotary compressor is both efficient and quiet, yet long lasting. This unit is top mounted with minimal visible fasteners. It discharges the conditioned air near the bottom, and includes an adjustable diverter plate, which allows you to direct the flow of hot air in one of three directions. Taken together, and factoring in the wide range of specs and options available, this is an especially flexible and effective A/C cabinet cooler.

Noren Cabinet Cooler Heat Exchangers

Noren’s lineup of cabinet cooler heat exchangers are an effective and reliable way to protect sensitive electronic equipment from the damp and unpredictable San Francisco environment. These units mount on the exterior of the cabinet, which means they do not intrude into the interior, yet are flexible enough to be mounted on the front, back or side. Using Noren’s unique heat pipe technology, they then dissipate heat away from your components and back to the environment outside.

Arkal Spin Klin Automatic Filter

Arkal’s water filtration technology has earned the brand a trusted place in the industry. A highlight of their product line is the Spin Klin Automatic Filter System. This product is one of the simplest to install, operate and maintain, ensuring a high level of performance with minimal hassle. It is also more water and energy efficient than some of its competitors, thanks to a specially-designed short backwash process.

Amiad Screen Automatic Filters

Amiad is known for its durability and technical innovation within the water filtration industry, and their automatic screen filters are no exception. Well-designed, durable and reliable, these are low-water consumption, low-energy consumption and low-maintenance, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of projects, both landscape and irrigation.

Whether you are in search of cabinet coolers, water filtration systems, water control valves, or more, Pelmar Engineering can help. We are proud to work with industrial, commercial and municipal clients in San Francisco, and have been a trusted name in the industry since we began in 1982. To speak with a Pelmar application specialist, call 1-888-754-6329, or contact us here.

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