Cabinet Panel Coolers, Water Filtration Systems & Water Control Valves in Seattle

Pelmar Engineering is your Seattle expert for all of your cabinet cooler and water filtration system needs. With experience in the industry since 1982, our team has the capability, knowledge, and skills to support our commercial, municipal, and industrial clients with not only the products, but also the expertise, to provide the right solution for virtually any project. 

Vortex AC Cabinet Coolers

Vortex is an industry leader in A/C cabinet coolers, and for good reason. The Vortex A/C unit is a compelling blend of modern efficiency with time-tested performance. On the innovation side, this unit features a streamlined, more modern design, reduced noise output, extremely quick installation, and reduced energy consumption — cutting-edge features that offer wide appeal. But that doesn’t sacrifice the performance: this is a very reliable unit, proven time and time again to have a long run life while requiring less maintenance than its more expensive competitors.

Cabinet Coolers Air Conditioners from IceQube

IceQube’s Evolution Series is an innovative cabinet cooler that stands out for its flexibility and options. It’s available in 4000 – 12,000 BTUH models, multiple NEMA types, and everywhere from 120V 60Hz to 480V 50/60Hz. It features a compact width to help it fit on smaller cabinets, and is available in custom finishes, ensuring a non-obtrusive addition for any environment. Especially unique to the Evolution cabinet cooler is the three position condenser air flow diverter plate. This lets you select where the hot air will be diverted, based on what is best suited to your configuration.

Cabinet Coolers & Heat Exchangers from Noren

Ensuring a cool, dry environment inside of sealed electrical enclosures and panels is critical to ensuring longevity and proper functioning for the sensitive equipment inside. Noren’s flush mount cabinet coolers are well designed for this purpose. These units mount flush to the exterior of the enclosure, either on the side, back, or front, dissipating heat away from the interior to maximize reliability for your equipment.

Spin Klin Automatic Filter from Arkal

Arkal’s automatic filters offer Seattle customers specially designed filtration technology for use on a wide range of water filtration systems and projects. The unique design of this automatic filter provides a short backwash process, which is both water- and energy-efficient. It is simple to operate, low-maintenance, and known for a long-term life cycle.

Screen Automatic Filters from Amiad

Amiad’s automatic screen filters offer flexibility and reliability for irrigation across both agricultural and landscape applications. Their technology is easy to install, durable, and reliable. The modular design ensures flexibility in installation, and they consume low amounts of both energy and water, making this an efficient choice as well.

Since 1982 Pelmar Engineering has been serving the industry as a trusted resource for engineering products and expertise. We are proud to offer a wide range of water filtration, cabinet cooling and other technical solutions to our clients in varying industries throughout the Seattle area. From municipal to commercial to industrial applications, our team is experienced, knowledgeable and ready to help. Contact us here or call us at 1-888-6329 to speak with an application specialist today.

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