Temporary Strainers

IFC Series,TB,TC,TP,Temporary Strainers,Pelmar EngineeringIFC Series TB, TC and TP Temporary Strainers

  • Standard sizes from 3/4” – 48”.
  • Used primarily for new pipeline start-up or where solid loading is minimal.
  • Filtration as fine as 40 microns available.
  • Available in conical, basket and plate configurations.
  • Available flat faced, raised face or RTJ with or without face serrations.
  • All 304 SS construction is standard. Construction in other materials is available
    (i.e carbon steel, monel, hastelloy, titanium, etc.).
  • May be installed in horizontal or vertical pipelines with cone pointed upstream or downstream.
  • Strainer size and pressure rating is stamped on handle.

Temporary Strainers Brochure


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