Cabinet Panel Coolers, Water Filtration Systems & Water Control Valves in Toronto

Since 1982, Pelmar Engineering has been a trusted partner in cabinet coolers and filtration systems. Our experts have the experience and knowledge needed to help Toronto’s municipal, commercial and industrial customers solve their engineering needs. From cabinet coolers and air conditioners to water control valves and filtration systems, we are here to help.

Vortex AC Cabinet Coolers

Vortex A/C Cabinet Coolers are a great option for those seeking reliability and up-to-date features and functionality without breaking the bank. Vortex has focused their product line on performance and efficiency. They’ve reduced energy use compared to the competition, and have achieved 78% reduction in noise even compared to their own earlier models. The result is a cabinet cooler that is quick and easy to install, a breeze to maintain, affordable, and most of all – reliable.

Cabinet Coolers Air Conditions from IceQube

IceQube’s Evolution Series is a particularly high-performing cabinet cooler. Notable about the IceQube is the amount of flexibility it provides. It features a three-position air flow diverter plate, which allows you to adjust where you direct the hot air, depending on your specific requirements. Its compact design fits easily on smaller cabinets. It can be used with a purge system, or without. It comes in models ranging from 4000 to 12,000 BTUH, can be used for general purpose or hazardous locations, and even comes in a wide range of custom finishes. 

Cabinet Cooler Heat Exchangers from Noren

The flush mount cabinet cooler / heat exchanger from Noren serves a critical function in the safety, maintenance and performance of cabinet coolers. Mounted as high as possible on the outside of the cabinet, this cooler uses Noren’s special heat pipe technology to remove the waste heat and expel it to the outside of the cabinet, ensuring a consistent and optimal environment for the components inside.

Spin Klin Disc Filtration from Arkal

Arkal’s Automatic Disc Filtration system, Spin Klin, is hands-down a leader in the industry, and a trusted system for water filtration in Toronto. Designed for reliability and consistent performance, the Spin Klin automatic system is high-precision, filtering solids at the micron level, and retaining those solids in large amounts, allowing longer filtration cycles. Plus, its quick backwash process saves energy and water alike. 

Screen Automatic Filters from Amiad

Amiad’s automatic self-cleaning filters are an ideal choice for landscape and agricultural irrigation projects. In terms of sustainability and affordability, they are low on both water use and energy consumption. Their compact design has a small, unobtrusive footprint and modular design that is compatible with a variety of settings and configurations. Amiad automatic filters are incredibly easy to install and maintain, and they can be operated with a user-friendly electronic controller, or via mobile app for even more advanced monitoring features. 

Serving the industry since 1982, Pelmar Engineering is here to serve Toronto with your filtration and cooling system needs. Whether your project is industrial, municipal or commercial, our experts are here to help. Call 1-888-754-6329 to speak with an application specialist, or contact us here.

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