Cabinet Panel Coolers For Electronic Cabinets

Cabinet Panel Coolers,Cabinet,Panel,Coolers,Electronic,Cabinets,ITW Vortec,VortexCabinet Panel Coolers are an affordable, low maintenance, and easy to install alternative for thermal management of electrical cabinets and control panels. Using filtered compressed air and vortex tube technology, Vortex Coolers provide cooling capacities to 5000 BTUH and maintain NEMA 4, 4X and 12 ratings.

Today’s small and compact, multi-function electronic controls, variable speed drives, servos and programmable logic controllers are extremely sensitive to heat and contamination. Excessive heat causes components to “cook”, digital displays to misread, controls to drift, and breakers to trip below their rated loads. The result is often lost productivity from machine or line shutdowns.

Cabinet Panel Coolers,Cabinet,Panel,Coolers,Electronic,Cabinets,ITW Vortec,VortexFans often provide inadequate cooling and commonly pull in dirty humid air creating another source of failure. Air conditioners require ongoing maintenance and are relatively expensive, large and difficult to install. With no moving parts to wear out, Vortex Cabinet Panel Coolers use an internal vortex tube to convert factory compressed air into a low pressure, cold air stream that is distributed throughout the cabinet. The chilled air stream creates a slight positive pressure inside the enclosure to prevent dirt or dust from entering – even in the most challenging environments. From small computer cabinets and touch screen control panels to large electrical panel boxes, Vortex Cabinet Panel Coolers offer efficient and reliable enclosure protection from heat and dirt related shutdowns.

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  • Vortex A/C Coolers: Control system reliability decreases as temperatures rise, doubling with each 18ºF (10ºC) increase in temperature. To keep production on track, the Vortex A/C enclosure coolers protect control cabinets in harsh environments up to 175ºF.

Cabinet Panel Coolers,Cabinet,Panel,Coolers,Electronic,Cabinets,ITW Vortec,VortexFeatures & Benefits

  • Thermostatically-controlled to save energy

  • Cools without Freon or other refrigerants

  • All models are UL-listed

  • Cooling capacities from 400 to 5000 BTUH

  • Easy installation – compact size fits in tight spaces

  • Quiet and reliable with no moving parts to wear out

  • Maintains NEMA 4, 4X and 12 ratings

  • Very low maintenance

  • All models include a 5-micron, Auto-Drain air line filte

Cabinet Panel Coolers,Cabinet,Panel,Coolers,Electronic,Cabinets,ITW Vortec,Vortex Vortex Panel Coolers

Vortex A/C™

The all-new alternative to expensive air conditioners for electrical enclosures.

Cabinet Panel Coolers,Cabinet,Panel,Coolers,Electronic,Cabinets,ITW Vortec,VortexAvoid any downtime, with the most affordable, reliable, and easiest to install thermal protection product available for electrical enclosures!

Just as quiet as an air conditioner (about 62 dBA), the Vortex A/C™ noise level is 93% less than other conventional, vortex type cabinet coolers. When the thermo-statically-controlled Vortex A/C™ is operating, the decibel level is about the same as normal human conversation!

This next generation, Vortex A/C™ Cabinet Panel Cooler features an integral mechanical thermostat to conserve energy and maintain enclosure temperatures within a range of 80° to 90°F. Requiring only a compressed air supply to operate, the UL listed Vortex A/C™ quickly installs in a 1.5” knockout hole to keep electrical control panels cool, clean and protected.

Cabinet Panel Coolers,Cabinet,Panel,Coolers,Electronic,Cabinets,ITW Vortec,Vortex Vortex A/C™ Brochure

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Cabinet Panel Coolers,Cabinet,Panel,Coolers,Electronic,Cabinets,ITW Vortec,VortexHazardous Location Duty Vortex A/C™ Coolers

Hazardous Location (HazLoc) Duty Vortex A/C Coolers are designed specifically for purged* Electrical enclosures in Class I Div 2, Class II Div 2, Groups F&G and Class III locations. The HazLoc Vortex A/C incorporates the most up-to-date features into Vortec’s line of highly reliable, cost effective enclosure coolers.

The HazLoc Vortex A/C is available in 4 different cooling capacities. All of Vortec’s Enclosure Coolers keep Electrical and Electronic Enclosures cool, clean and protected and are a low cost alternative to expensive, high maintenance air conditioners; and avoid contamination with dirty, humid air caused by fans.

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