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Water Control ValvesARI NR-020 Plastic Check Water Control Valves are made of engineered plastic materials (8″ made of a hard anodize coated aluminium), it can operate under highly corrosive conditions.

Spring loaded check valve, may be installed in any possition.

Minimum head loss. As the flap rises, its arm shortens resulting in a reduced moment, causing a reduction in head loss.

Recommended for use in hot water and heating systems, irrigation systems in general and for the application of fertilizers through irrigation systems.

Wafer-type construction, mounted between flanges.

Working pressures: 0.2-16 bar (3-230 psi).

Available in 3″ (80 mm) – 8″ (200 mm)


Water Control ValvesThe Bermad Model 750-66 Bi-Level, Non-Modulating Float-Control Valve is an automatic control valve designed for low-level and high-level control of water in reservoirs and storage tanks.

It is a pilot-controlled, hydraulically operated, diaphragm-actuated globe valve in either the oblique (Y) or angle pattern design.

The Model 750-66 Bi-Level, Non-Modulating Float-Control Valve operates independently of valve differential pressure. The double-chambered diaphragm actuator always has full differential pressure to develop maximum power and immediate reaction.

The lower control chamber is vented to atmosphere and the upper control chamber is alternately pressurized or vented by the opening and closing of a 4-way float pilot which senses the preset low- and high-water levels. The 4-way operation allows the main valve to be fully opened even at very low system pressures which provides minimum head loss across the valve.



Water Control ValvesThe “Saar” D-020 combination air valve for sewage combines a Kinetic large orifice and an automatic small orifice in a single body. The valve is specially designed to operate with liquids carrying solid particles such as wastewater and effluent.

The “Saar” D-020 combination air valve for sewage discharges air, gases and vapor during the filling or charging of the system and while operating under pressure and admits air to the system while being drained. The valve’s unique design guarantees complete separation between the liquid and the sealing mechanism and provides optimum work conditions.

The valve is specially designed to operate with liquids carrying solid particles such as sewage and effluent. It provides separation of the liquid from the sealing mechanism. The air/gas gap separation is sustained under pressure up to 16 bar by a conical body shape and under vibrations by a spring loaded joint.


Water Control ValvesThe Bermad Model 770-U Flow Control Valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm-actuated, control valve that maintains pre-set maximum flow, regardless of fluctuating demand or varying system pressure.

Securing design specifications

  • Prioritizing main system over sub-system


  • Limiting consumers over-demand


  • Controlling pipeline fill-rate
  • Pump overload & cavitation protection


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