Cast Steel Y Strainers

Cast Y Strainers offer low pressure drop and a streamlined design. They have compact end to end dimensions, Size Range: ¼” (8mm) up to 16” (400 mm). Available Materials of Construction are Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Low-Temp Steel, Chrome Molly and Stainless Steel.

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Basket Strainers

Y Strainers,Basket Strainers,Simplex Strainers,Duplex Strainers,Fabricated StrianersSimplex basket strainers designed for the process industry, power industry, chemical, oil and gas industry, pulp and paper industry, metal and mining industry and water and waste water industry. Simplex basket strainers range in size from 1/2″ to 20″ (15mm to 500mm). Features include a flitration level to 40 microns, and generously sized filtration baskets. Both compact and high capacity units are available.

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Bag Filter Housings, Plastic Filter Housings, Filtration Systems

Y Strainers,Basket Strainers,Simplex Strainers,Duplex Strainers,Fabricated StrianersThe Arctic FHE Series of Filter Bag Housings are produced using stamped Stainless Steel construction. This construction method allows Arctic to provide a Stainless Steel vessel at a price that compares well with Carbon Steel.

The FHE Series is a Side Entry (SE) design with a flat mount bottom and side outlet. This layout is ideal for OEMs or anyone wanting to take advantage of the lower service clearance requirements. The vessels are rated for 120 PSI @ -10° C to 90° C and are available in P1 and P2 sizes.


Plastic,Filter,Housings,FlowmaticPremium Quality Plastic Filter Housings

Heavy duty construction, made entirely of the highest quality FDA grade NSP listed polpropylene.

Superior chemical resistance for most acids, alchohol, ammonia, oils, planting solutions and many other aggressive chemicals.

Housings and EPDM o-rings, rated for temperatures to 125º F (52ºF) and pressures to 125 psi (8.75 bar).

Cap, sump and top-seated o-ring compress to provide leak proof sealing.

100% virgin polyproylene housings available for high purity water.


Y Strainers,Basket Strainers,Simplex Strainers,Duplex Strainers,Fabricated StrianersMinitwist” Model MTFC is a fully automatic, self-cleaning filtration system for flows of 0 – 100 US GPM (23M3/H). It removes dirt as fine as 20 micron, and uses a very small amount of water during cleaning process. In filtration mode, flow is from bottom of filter to inside of screen, and out. During cleaning mode, rotating nozzles collect dirt removed from screen by reverse flow, and sends it out through top of filter. Backwash process takes only 5 seconds.


Arkal Water Filtration Systems operate using a specially designed disc filtration technology. Thin, color-coded polypropylene discs are diagonally grooved on both sides to a specific micron size. A series of these discs are then stacked and compressed on a specially designed spine. When stacked, the groove on top runs opposite to the groove below, creating a filtration element with a statistically significant series of valleys and traps for solids. The stack is enclosed in a corrosion and pressure resistant housing.

Y Strainers,Basket Strainers,Simplex Strainers,Duplex Strainers,Fabricated Strianers Y Strainers,Basket Strainers,Simplex Strainers,Duplex Strainers,Fabricated Strianers Y Strainers,Basket Strainers,Simplex Strainers,Duplex Strainers,Fabricated Strianers

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